Blogging: How to Get More Views

It seems that everyone around us has either blogged, thought about blogging, or is about to go backpacking through Europe and therefore, MUST blog all about their experience instead of waiting for the family christmas letter to let their loved ones know what has happened in their travels.

In all honesty, we love blogging (clearly) but there are so many interesting blogs that focus on certain activities, families, parenting tips, the list is endless and then there are blogs letting us know about a whole plethora of different topics. How can you make sure that your blog starts reaching more than just your BFFs and your mom? It’s all in the heading and the content. Let’s dive into four essential blogging tricks to capture the larger audience.

UNO: Be Honest With Yourself

Not only is honesty the best policy, but it will also help you pick a captivating title. When you are racking your brain for catchy titles, it can be hard to choose the most effective one. This is because writer’s block is real, and sometimes it hits you like a train when you are just trying to create a five word heading. At this point, you start talking yourself into believing a bad idea is a good one. If your title rhymes, it’s cute, but honestly… would you click on that? Especially if you only had, say, twenty minutes of down time and your different social media sties are all spitting out different articles to you? Be honest to yourself, make sure you would be willing to spend those precious twenty minutes reading if you hadn’t been the one to write the blog itself.

DOS: Lists Are Your Friends

Don’t do lists every time you create content, but when you are trying to convey a strong message or write about something helpful, or cute (kitten picture level of cute), lists help the flow of the story you are trying to tell. Take this blog post for example, we are highlighting specific steps that you could use. Imagine if we had just put the information scattered about in the post, it is not formal and not as convincing. Lists are also great for a post referencing several things on the internet at one time. We are talking about those cute kitten pictures, as well as the top man buns of the world.


TRES: Consistency is Key

People trust your advice and are interested in your opinion if you are an expert on something specific. How do you show that you know a lot about something? You make it known by being consistent with your content. If you are a mother giving advice on parenting based off of your personal experience, then make sure your posts are discussing just that. You can be fluid about your content and post things outside of your specialty, at times it’s even encouraged, but don’t stray away for too long. Repetitive readers are coming back seeking your specialty in the topics you know best about, make sure that new and relevant content is available for them.

CUATRO: Informative Entertainment

When you are discussing your opinions, don’t just rant, but engage the reader in the story you are telling. This can happen by using colorful writing, photo references and direct interaction with readers. What do we mean by direct interaction? We mean, talk about a comment that stood out to you and credit the commentator, give away some of your favorite products that you have discussed on your blog before. Make sure the reader feels like you care about them and their opinion, it is a collective effort to make your blog the best it can be. Keep yourself relevant and get people to interact with the posts by referencing different talking points on the internet, be it political, pop culture, or a silly video, it will keep the reader interested if they know that you too are interested in similar things.


3 thoughts on “Blogging: How to Get More Views

  1. I am a block writer myself and writing blogs is very tough. I agree how its always hard to capture an audience and keep viewers engaged. Your advice to successful blog writing is very helpful. When I look at different blogs pictures and videos are always entertaining content I would say to at least include a couple of pictures to break up text. Your advice on consistency is interesting to me because as a blog writer its always hard to choose just one topic. I feel like people would be uninterested in things I talk about. But its true to get more people interested you need to get your blog out there. I recommend linking your blog to your social media sites so your friends/followers can see your blog.


  2. Great idea! Im totally agree with your opinion about listing. In my own experience, everytime I write, it easier for me if I could list all of the content. Moreover, the flow will be more smooth.


  3. The most important thing in blogging is to find that “perfect balance”. It shouldn’t be too serious, but it’s also shouldn’t be too dull as well. I think what’s most important in blogging is not how many viewers, although it’s still important. Having your article relevant, useful, and appealing to the viewers will keep them coming back to your blog to read more of your articles. After having relevancy in the articles, onward then it’s a matter of consistency. How consistent can you keep up the “interesting essence and vibe” to the audience


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