Distinct, Not Different

When you log onto the web, you might have several tabs open on your browser that connect you to several social media sites. You have Facebook open because your mom messaged you and you need to message her back. You have Twitter open because you’re waiting on Kylie’s new lip kit to release. You have your phone in your hand, too. Your finger is scrolling through the various photos posted by your favorite accounts on Instagram.


There are hundreds of thousands of other people sitting in the same exact position right now. Whether or not they have a goal when they flip on their screens, people are soaking up tons of online content.


Businesses often have a tendency to erect too many social media platforms or forget to include social into their marketing at all. This could be due to a variety of reasons.

  1. So many people are connected and businesses have the misconception that they need everyone’s attention right away.
  2. So many platforms exist where very distinct communities form and thrive.
  3. They do not think of social media as a marketing tool because it’s “social.”
  4. Politics and ideologies around the internet get in the way of communication. (One example of this is older generations who own companies assuming that millennials are a homogeneous. They aren’t.)



When businesses can break down these misconceptions and use the internet to create humanizing personas for their target markets, that’s when they will reach the people. The goal for social isn’t about reaching a lot of people; it’s about reaching the people that will benefit from the business’ product or service.


One thought on “Distinct, Not Different

  1. First off, great blog post! I think the engagement factor in social media marketing is the most important factor of all and when you engage with your followers you do create that humanized persona for your brand through your various platforms. It shows that you as a business care about what your customers want or what they don’t want. Social media is so powerful because you can respond in real time and get back to your customers with any problems they may have.


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