Get Your Audience To Work for You

As we start looking at social media through an analytical lens based off of concepts we are learning in class, we have found our personal interactions generated some effective and unique campaigns.

These marketing campaigns involve direct consumer interactions. One viral sensation that appeared on Instagram last week was the Powerpuff Girls avatar generator. Many millennials identify with the iconic cartoon because they grew up watching the show and wishing they were bad-ass, crime-fighting, super girls like those portrayed in the cartoon. These avatars were popping all over social media, and introduced the exciting news of a Powerpuff Girls reboot on Cartoon Network!


We discovered that many of our peers were using the generator to share their unique Powerpuff characters that resembled their actual features and styles. Many other blogs featured this campaign because of how diversified the features and styles were!


Social media marketing offers us more than just adorable new avatars. Marketers are given an insight as to how people want to interact with companies and their new products, which is crucial because the customer knows best. This is a line popularly coined for the customer service industry, but we are seeing its relevance in all industries. What the customer knows is that they are sick and tired of pop up ads, they are frustrated with constant promotions being shot their way, and as a result, they no longer pay attention to traditional advertisements.

powerpuff me

Because of this, it is detrimental that campaigns interact with the customer in a two-way conversation. Technology is offering us a unique platform where creativity can be expanded farther than a catchy slogan, but an experience can be created. This interaction can be captured through unique apps that create nostalgia like the Powerpuff Girls campaign. The marketers must have understood that because the fan-base of millennials have been waiting for the show’s reboot, Instagram was the best platform for image sharing. Successful interactions can be created with intriguing or relevant video, image, or blog posts that offer the customer insight to more than just the product.


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