All About Relationships

After going through the second week of the quarter, we are just beginning our journey with Muses and learning about the wonderful world of Social Media Marketing. Our group consists of four fantastic ladies, each invested in making Muses shine in the fashion industry!


Allison Meyer, Mariana Osuna, Britt Parent, and Skyler White have been assigned to create a marketing plan for this non-profit company dedicated to training refugees and immigrants in the apparel production scene of Seattle. We are excited and motivated to work with them to improve awareness of the work that they do by evaluating their social media landscape and creating relevant and interesting content to engage with.


Photo Credit: Muses Seattle Facebook

In addition to our projects, we explored some of the basics of Social Media Marketing. Our collected insight, thanks to instructor Joe Barnes, is that Social Media Marketing works best by establishing, making and maintaining relationships with the business’ followers. 


Successful businesses are those that show their customers that care by engaging with them in a two-way conversation on social media, like Twitter or Facebook. If a business is successful in creating the relationship, the content must force audiences to enter the conversation with the business. This helps companies rise beyond the scope of other competitors. Using these ideas, our group will try to make sure that the conversation keeps going between the audience and Muses. 

For further updates on our progress with Muses and the Social Media Marketing course, make sure to follow our blog and let us know what you think! If you’d like to keep up with news from Muses Seattle, click here



2 thoughts on “All About Relationships

  1. In today’s age, we are constantly overwhelmed with ads, companies, deals, etc. We discussed in class about how important it is to separate yourself from this clutter and the best way to do that is getting away from the traditional ways of marketing which is one-way conversation. This one-way conversation is the company talking at the customer and not allowing themselves to listen to what the customer thinks and desires. In order to have this two-way conversation, companies need to create a relationship with the customer like you talked about in your blog post. This relationship is critical to making customers feel special and important. In social media, this means creating content that allows for conversation back and forth. We’re intrigued to hear how Muses will do this through their social media accounts!


  2. Wow that is definitely a great way to increase your social media presence. Muses has a lot of stories to tell and the consumers that are purchasing their products fell in love with the story, so creating a two way conversation will be vital to its social media success! We would love to hear ideas how you plan to generate/start a conversation with your users!


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